About Us


Covid-19 is impacting schools all over the world, particularly the rural communities are hit the hardest. Many schools have switched over to remote learning system, however resources like computers and internet are hard to get, let alone electricity in some of these places. As a response to the crisis, along with Amrita Seattle, We have launched an Audio STEM Magazine. Either volunteer read or AI generated TTS (Text-To-Speech) content will be recorded and published on a website. Audio content can be downloaded through a cellphone since many still have limited data plans. This is a great way to keep children stimulated as they stay at home with limited resources and restricted movement.

The Team


Shreyaan Pathak

Pradip Chandra Sikdar


Sharmila Pal

CEO, Amrita Seattle


Ela Ghosh London

Firefly:  Amrita Seattle's COVID-19 initiative to make learning more accessible for underprivileged